Sparrow Enterprises - Importer and distributor of bulk commodity ingredients, fine chocolate, and food service products.
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Sparrow Enterprises - Importer and distributor of coconut, seeds, cocoa, chocolate and milk powders, and other ingredients.

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Located in East Boston, Massachusetts, Sparrow Enterprises was founded in 1924 as a regional distributor of cocoa powder and chocolate to the confectionary trade.  Today, Sparrow offers over 10 specialty chocolate lines, and carries over 2,000 products for use throughout the food industry.  We specialize in chocolate and other commodity items for use in baking, confectionary, and ice cream/dairy industries.  Many of our products are packed conveniently for foodservice.  Our wide range of products allows Sparrow to serve users across all spectrums, from institutions and manufacturers to fine pastry chefs.

Special Certifications and other requirements – Many of our products are covered by special certification.  We have many Kosher products, some of which are also Pareve.  Nut free certification is available for some of our chocolates and other products. Gluten Free products and statements are also available for many items. As the elimination of Trans Fats from our diets becomes of greater concern, more and more oil based products, such as compound chocolates, garlic spread, etc, are available trans fat free. 

The absence of genetically modified organisms appears to be the next big concern in foodstuffs, though at the moment this is a much larger issue in Europe that in the U.S. If GMO, or other special certification, is required for an important project please call us to discuss your needs.

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Sparrow Enterprises, Ltd., 98 R Condor Street, East Boston, MA 02128
617.569.3900 or 800.783.4116, Fax: 617.569.5888